Iceland Uncovered hails from our love of Iceland’s untouched and raw nature. We offer customized unique tours ranging from adventurous off the beaten track to high end and luxury. Our emphasis is always on the experience and making sure you leave Iceland loving it as much as we do. 

We make sure to listen to our customers as we craft the perfect fit to suit their interest and needs. 

Iceland is known for its dramatic landscape, hot springs, waterfalls and expansive glaciers but it is also rich in culture and tradition. It has a thriving culinary scene and a string of wellness spas built around it’s geothermal sites. 

Iceland’s energy is all renewable and it is one of the cleanest countries in the world, protecting it and the world is our duty and hence we carbon offset all our tours through the Iceland Carbon Fund.

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I Runar Rafn Ægisson will be your main guide. 

I grew up going all over our little island in the middle of the North Atlantic with my parents and two brothers. Every weekend was spent camping, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and glacier trucking with the most amazing lovers for the outdoors.

My passion has taken me all over the world from Asia to Alaska experiencing incredible nature and different cultures.

Iceland is home though and it is in my blood, I take great pride and joy from sharing my knowledge and love for Iceland and I look forward for you to join me!