Iceland is a melting pot of natural phenomenon’s all in close proximity to one another. It is home to Europe’s most powerful waterfall and geyser as well as Europe’s biggest glacier and desert, a black volcanic one at that. Iceland sits on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plate rift making it geographically part of North America and Europe with some territories even above the artic circle. Sitting on the rift makes Iceland highly volcanic with Europe most active volcano Hekla going off every 10 years. It is also full of geothermal areas with hot water bubbling out of the ground and Icelanders have been taking advantage of having an endless amount of hot water since people started first living there. It is a land of extremes from 24 hours of light in the summer to only 4 hours in the winter with Northern lights dance across the sky.

The people of Iceland have not only learned to live on the island in its 1200 year history but they are thriving. Icelanders have built up a safe and inviting community and it is with much pride that they welcome people to come and uncover Iceland.


Iceland’s diverse nature offers up a range of activities to suit any traveler. From easy walks in stunning scenery to multi day trekking. From relaxing in hot rivers to taking the cold plunge and diving between the tectonic plates. Iceland has it all. 


Icelanders have harnessed the geothermal power to heat their houses and to make electricity but since the beginning the hot water has always been used for its healing factors and relaxation. All over the island you find world class spas waiting for you. 


Iceland is rich in culture and tradition. There is a thriving culinary scene where the old meets the new and local ingredients are pushed further and elevated. Iceland is the home to multiple music festival and events and locals refer to the capital Reykjavik as the biggest little city in the world.